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Current Students


John R. Campbell Endowment Award
Awarded to the student with the highest grade & GPA in Animal Science and one award for Animal Science – Study Abroad.

John A. Ficken Memorial Scholarship ($300 available)
Awarded to junior or senior student in the College of Agriculture majoring in Animal Science with an interest in swine production. Recommendations from Department of Animal Science in consultation with the Missouri Pork Producers Association, with final approval by CAFNR Scholarship and Awards Committee.

Howard R. Hackler Memorial Scholarship ($400 available)
Preference given to students with a farm background and an interest in AberdeenAngus cattle.

Hatchery Section-Missouri Poultry Association ($5000 available)
Awarded to animal science majors with an interest in poultry production.

Kempster-Memorial Fund Scholarship ($3500 available)
Awarded to graduate and undergraduate students with an interest in poultry. In the event there are no qualified poultry students, then other areas of animal sciences should be considered. Financial need should also bea consideration.

G. Dean Lindsey Scholarship ($900 available)
Awarded to Animal Science-PreVet student with 3.5 or above grade point average. Preference to large animal veterinary interest.

J. C. (Jack ) Miller Scholarship in Animal Science ($2700 available)
Awarded to junior or senior students majoring in animal science. Selection based on scholarship performance, leadership and financial need.

Poultry Science Club ($600 available)
Scholarships awarded to member of UMC Poultry Science Club.

A. C. Ragsdal ($150 available)
Animal Science presents check at banquet.

Julia Rocheford Scholarship Fund ($500 available)
Preference given to students with financial need and working at the Rocheford Turkey Research Farm.

Edwin C. Schwitzky Memorial Scholarship
Scholarships awarded to student in the MU Livestock Judging Team; If no team, award to Animal Science student with an interest in beef cattle.

Dr. C. W. Turner Graduate Scholarship Fund ($14,000 available – earns $850/yr.)
Preference given to student in Dairy Science.

Charles L. & Thelma F. VanBuren Scholarships (3 - $1000 awards)
Scholarships are awarded to juniors or seniors with special interest in Farm Management, Agronomy, Soil Conservation, Livestock Production or Home Economics. Financial need is the primary determinant in the selection of these recipients, although character, leadership and scholarship are considered.

Henry J. Waters ($350 available)
Awarded to junior student majoring in animal science with an interest in animal nutrition.

Prudy Weidenheimer Memorial Scholarship ($2800 available)
Awarded to senior majoring in animal science with primary interest in horses. Selection based on academic performance, outstanding character, leadership potential, and demonstrated service to fellow citizens.

Randy Williams Memorial ($700 available)
Awarded to students who have been members of FFA, have financial need, are Missouri residents and have an interest in animal science.

John Sam Williamson Family Scholarships ($800 available)
Awarded to upperclass students majoring in agronomy and animal science. Recommendations are made by the Department of Animal Science and Agronomy with final approval by CAFNR Scholarship and Awards Committee.