Canine Semen Collection


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Blood sample is taken from bitch to evaluate serum progesterone for determining time of ovulation

Speculum for Vaginal Evaluation

Speculum placed in vulva to aid passage of swab to collect vaginal smear

Passage of swab into vagina

Swab with smear is collected from the posterior region of vagina

Vaginal smear is placed on slide and stained to evaluate cellular flora

Vaginal Cytology - Early Proestrus

Vaginal Cytology - Proestrus

Vaginal Cytology - Proestrus

Vaginal Cytology - Early Estrus

Vaginal Cytology - Estrus

Vaginal Cytology - Diestrus

Vaginal Cytology - Anestrus

Artificial Vagina for Collection

Stimulation of male with estrus female for collection

Once male is aroused the cone of the AV is pushed over the penis and the penis grasp tightly making sure the bulbus glandis is extended from sheath

Pressure is maintained as ejaculation of the sperm-rich faction is released during the first 1.5 minutes

Penis is turned to the rear of male as occurs in the second stage of coitus

Accessory fluid continues to be secreted from the prostate the remainder of ejaculatory process

Ejaculation Volumes can vary from 2 to 30 ml

Raw Semen can be drawn into a plastic syringe and utilized to deposit semen in female

Speculum utilized for passage of insemination pipette

Insemination pipette inserted into the posterior region of vagina

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