Bull Semen Collection & Freezing


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Table of Contents

Bull Semen Collection

Housing of Individual Bulls

Preparation of Artificial Vagina AV Temperature

Preparation of Artificial Vagina Lubrication of AV

Maintenance of AV Temperature

Handling of Bulls for Collection Safety First

Collection Room

Protection of Semen Temperature and Light

PPT Slide

Concentration of Sperm in Ejaculate - Spectrophotometer

Processing for Freezing Cooling of Semen in Egg Yolk to 5oC

Processing for Freezing Addition of Glycerol

Packaging of Semen Labeling of Bull and Collection Date

Packaging of Bull Semen

Packaging of Bull Semen Vacuum Drawing of Semen into Straws

Packaging of Bull Semen Sealing of Straw

Preparation for Freezing Placement of Straws in Racks

Freezing of Straws Initial Freeze in Liquid Nitrogen Vapor then Plunge into Liquid

Storage Packages of Semen In Liquid Nitrogen

Semen Packaging

Handling Semen Below Frost Line of Nitrogen Tank

Inside Works of Nitrogen Tank

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