Semen Collection and Freezing of Boar Sperm


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Table of Contents

Collection of Boar Glove Hand Technique

Boar Collection

Semen Evaluation

Fresh Semen Extension for Breeding or Storage for 7 Days

Semen Concentrated

Semen Extended in Egg Yolk Citrate Extender and Glycerol

Freezing Boar Semen Egg Yolk and Glycerol Extender

Extended Semen Plunged into Liquid Nitrogen

Frozen Pellets Stored in Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid Nitrogen Tank

Pellets Pre-Thawed in Styrofoam Box for 3 Minutes and Added to Warm Thaw Solution

Thaw Solution Added to Insemination Bottle

Attach Semen Bottle to AI Rod

Positioning of AI Rod

Author: Animal Science 

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