Surgical Embryo Transfer Goat


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Surgical Embryo Transfer Goat

Exposure of uterus by midventral laparotomy

Small incision made in lower portion of uterine horn with a scalpel

Blunt large gauge needle is used to enlarge hole into uterine horn

End of Tomcat catheter is pushed into the uterine lumen

Bulb of Tomcat catheter is expanded with air to seal the end of the uterine horn

A small hole is made with blunt end of a surgical needle to insert flushing media

Needle is pushed into uterine lumen at the tip of the uterine horn near the utero-tubal junction

Once flushing needle is in place, the syringe with flushing media is attached

Approxiatmently 30-40 ml of flushing media is pushed through the uterine horn toward the base of the uterus

Care is taken to ensure slow even flow of media through the catheter 

Media is collected into a grided Petri dish to assist in locating embryos

Embryos are washed several times in holding media before transfer or freezing

Embryos are place in freezing media containing 0.1% sucrose and ethylene glycol

Embryos are placed in straws and frozen in liquid nitrogen

Freezing is done in a programmable freezer that controls small changes in temperature and time

Author: Animal Science 

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