Bovine Palpation


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Palpation of Open Tract

Position of Open Tract in Pelvis

Position of Uterus and Ovaries

Hand is inserted with fingers closed in a fist

Hand when inserted should be above the reproductive tract

Position tract on pelvis by pulling back horns with intercornual ligament

Thoroughly examine both horns

Mature Cows will have larger and thicker uterine horns

If palpate at 60 days passed AI or bulls out of herd, one should not be able to place whole uterus in hand

Open tract has no fluid or tone

Day 30 pregnant horn has fluid and an amniotic vesicle

Early day 30 pregnancy should have an amniotic vesicle that feels like a marble or small chicken egg

Palpation 40-60 Days

Day 60 pregnancy will extend over the end of the pelvis

Day 60 pregnancy feel for membrane slip, fetus and fluid

Test for membrane slip and amniotic vesicle

Day 90 pregnancy

Palpate for membrane slip, fetus and fluid

Palpation 150 Days

Day 120-150 uterus will extend down deep in body cavity

Determine if can be lifted onto pelvis if not slide hand along broad ligament over pelvis and down into body cavity

Test for fetal bump, cotyledons and membrane slip

Position of Calf 240 Days

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