Bovine Embryo Transfer


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Embryo Transfer

Heat Detection is Critical for E.T.

Hormones Used E.T. Lutalyse and FSH

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Superovulated Ovary

Insertion of Foley Catheter Day 7

Inflation of Foley Cup

Inflation of Foley Behind Cervix Seals the Uterine Body

Embryos are Flushed from the Tips of the Uterine Horns

Flushing Media is Allowed to Fill Uterus

Following Filling of Uterine Horn Media is Recovered in Collection Vessel

Recovery of Flushing Media

Embryos are Allowed to Settle to Bottom of Collection Vessel

Embryo Filtration Systems

Embryo Filtration & Examination System

Evaluation of Embryos


E.T. Gun and Straw

Position of E.T. Gun in Upper tip of Recipients Uterine Horn Next to Ovary Containing CL

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