Milk Progesterone Assay


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Milk Progesterone ELISA

Why run milk progesterone Assay

Collect Milk Sample

Label Cow Sample with I.D.

Accufirm Progesterone Kit

Prepare Standard Sample - A

Addition of Standard - Progesterone Only to Tube A

Squeeze Rack and Pour Off Fluid

Starting with First Milk Tube at Left - Add Progesterone -Enzyme Complex

Shake Rack for 10 Seconds Wait 1 minute to Proceed

Pour of Fluid

PPT Slide

Remove Excess Water by Shaking Rack

Add Enzyme Substrate (C) to Tubes Starting with Milk Tubes

Add Two Drops of Developer (D) to All Tubes

Color Develops Read Samples Between 1 and 2 Minutes

Darker Blue Compared to Standard Means Low Progesterone in Sample

Samples can be Read with RTR Reader

Comparison of Standard - Tube A With Milk Tube - S

Reading Indicates High or Low Progesterone

Author: Animal Science 

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