Porcine Conceptus Development and Placentation


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Surface Epithelium with Cilia

Uterine Lumenal Surface with Mouths of Uterine Glands

Glandular Epithelium with Secretory Vesicles on Day 12

Development of Porcine Conceptuses from Day 10 to 12

Movement of Inner Cell Mass through Trophectoderm - Remnant called Rauber's Layer

Inner Cell Mass of a 6 mm Spherical Conceptus

Trophectoderm of a 10 mm Spherical Conceptus

SEM Photomicrograph of Endoderm Lining the Blastocoel

TEM Photomicrograph of 8 mm Spherical Conceptus

Elongation of the Conceptus through the Uterine Horn - Day 12

Day 14 Elongated Conceptus

Endometrial Folding and Epithelial Proliferation's on Day 14 of Pregnancy

Elongated Day 15 Porcine Conceptus

Epitheliochorial Placentation

Glycocalyx on the Uterine Microvilli that Attaches to the Trophectoderm

Apposition of Uterine and Trophectoderm Microvilli

Attachment between Trophoblast and Uterine Epithelium

Microvillus Attachment between Trophectoderm and Uterine Epithelium

Day 16 Embryo

Day 13 - Contact of Trophoblast with Uterine Surface Epithelium

Trophoblast Attachment to Uterine Surface Epithelium - Day 13

Day 28 - Folding of Chorion in Uterine Endometrium

Uterine Gland Covered by Chorionic Areolae

Porcine Placentation

Porcine Pregnancy Day 40

Pregnant Uterine Horn Day 40

Porcine Placenta

Diffuse Placenta of the Pig

Diffuse Placenta of Pig Day 40

Day 40 Placenta - Amnion

Day 40 Fetus

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