Bovine Conceptus Development and Placentation


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Table of Contents

Hatching of Bovine Blastocyst

Day 12 Bovine Conceptus

Bovine Conceptus Development

Bovine Endometrium

Uterine Surface

TEM of Bovine Conceptus Attachment to the Uterine Epithelium

Day 18 Bovine Conceptus Papilla of Trophoblast

Microvillus Attachment between Chorion and Uterine Surface Epithelium

Day 21 Placentome

Day 19 Placental Attachment - Migration of Binucleate Cells

Day 19 Intercaruncular Placental Attachment

Day 20 Placentome with Migrating Binucleate Cells

Day 23 Migration of Bicnucleate Cells and Formation of Syncytium

Day 77 Bovine Placental Attachment with Areolus over the Mouth of a Uterine Gland

Day 250 Intercaruncular Placenta

Day 27 Bovine Placenta

Day 30 Bovine Placenta

Ovine Placenta

Day 45 Bovine Placenta

Bovine Day 70 Twin Pregnancy

Bovine Uterine Cotyledons

Bovine Twins

Bovine Placenta - Day 140

Maternal and Fetal Cotyledons

Placental Vascularity to Fetal Cotyledons

Placental Vascularity to Maternal Cotyledons

Day 230 Bovine Placentome

Bovine Placentome

Day 230 Bovine Placenta

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