Early Embryonic Development


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Mouse Oocytes

Bovine Zona Pellucida

Attachment of Sperm to Zona Pellucida

Sperm Attachment to Vitelline Membrane of Oocyte

Fertilized Egg Showing Male and Female Pronuclei

Pig 2-Cell

Mouse 4-cell

Porcine 6-Cell

Porcine 6-Cell

Bovine 8 Cell

Human 10-Cell Embryo

Blastomere Intercellular Connections are Focal Junctions

Bovine in vitro Fertilized Eggs

Bovine Morula

Compacting Human Morula

Murine Blastocysts

Mouse ICM Isolation

Rabbit Blastocyst

Mouse Blastocyst Hatching

Blastocyst Hatching-Bovine

Hatching of Bovine Blastocyst

Hatching of Bovine Blastocyst

Zona Shell Following Hatching of a Bovine Blastocyst

Blastocyst Hatching - Porcine

Murine Early Embryonic Development

Day 12 Bovine Conceptus

Bovine Conceptus Development

Early Day 10.5, 10 mm Equine Conceptus

Movement of Porcine Inner Cell Mass through Trophectoderm - Remnant called Rauber's Layer

Inner Cell Mass of a 6 mm Porcine Spherical Conceptus

Inner Cell Mass of Day 15 Bovine Blastocyst

Trophectoderm of a 10 mm Spherical Porcine Conceptus

Development of Porcine Conceptuses from Day 10 to 12

Elongated Day 15 Porcine Conceptus

Author: Larry Burditt 

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