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Animal Science Faculty

Barry Steevens

Barry Steevens


Milking management and mastitis control

S134D Animal Science Research Center
Division Of Animal Sciences
Columbia, MO 65211
  • Phone: (573) 882-3459
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Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK

Doctor of Philosophy, (Animal Nutrition), 1971

Master of Sceince, (Dairy Science), 1968

University of Wisconsin, River Falls, WI

Bacher of Science, (Animal Science), 1966


State Extension Dairy Specialist - University of Missouri-Columbia - March 1978 to present.

Develop and conduct extension education programs in mammary physiology, mastitis, milk quality, and milking management.

Serve as liaison with regulatory agencies and State Department of Health on issues of dairy nutrition, milk quality, mastitis control, and antibiotic residue avoidance programs.

Work with multi-disciplinary groups including faculty in agricultural engineering, agricultural economics and veterinary extension to develop educational programs on dairy facilities, stray electricity, waste management, financial management, and dairy herd health.

Serve as faculty advisor to University of Missouri Foremost Dairy Research herd.

Assistant Professor 1978 to 1981
Associate Professor 1981 to 1989
Professor 1989

Extension Animal Scientist - University of Wyoming - March 1974 to March 1978.

Farm Management Extension Agent - University of Wisconsin - November 1971 to March 1974.

Instructor (part-time) - Wisconsin Vocational-Technological Institute - September to November 1971.

Research Assistant -Oklahoma State University - September 1966 to August 1971.


Refereed Journal Articles: (listed by year)

Bush, L.J. and B.J. Steevens. 1970. Relation of nutrition to incidence of parturient paresis. Oklahoma Veterinarian 22:4.

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Tyler, J.W., J. Lakritz, D.E. Hostetler, V.L. Douglas, D.M. Weaver, B.J. Steevens, J. Holle, J. Denbigh. 2000.Effect of pasteurization at 76 and 63oC on the absorption of colostral IgG in calves. J. Dairy Res. 67:619-623.

Lakritz, J., J.W. Tyler, D.E. Hostetler, A.E. Marsh, D.M. Weaver, J. Holle, B.J. Steevens, J.L. Denbigh. 2000. Effects of pasteurization of colostrums on subsequent serum lactoferrin concentration and neutrophil superoxide production in calves. Am. J.Vet. Res. 61:1021-1025.

Hostetler, D., V.L. Douglas, J.W. Tyler, B.J. Steevens, J. Holle. 2003. Immunoglobulin G concentrations in temporal fractions of first milking colostrums. J. App. Res. Vet. Med. 1:168-171.

Middleton, J.R., D. Hardin, B. Steevens, R. Randle, J.W. Tyler. Utility of quarter California mastitis test and quarter milk somatic cell count as a screening test for detecting sub clinical intramammary infections in a herd with a high bulk tank somatic cell count. J Am Vet Med Assoc, in press

Middleton JR, Timms LL, Bader GR, Lakritz J, Luby CD, Steevens BJ. 2005. Effect of prepartum intramammary treatment with pirlimycin hydrochloride on prevalence of early first-lactation mastitis in dairy heifers. J Am Vet Med Assoc. 227(12):1969-1974.

Middleton JR, Ma J, Rinehart CL, Taylor VN, Luby CD, Steevens BJ. 2006. Efficacy of different Lysigin formulations in the prevention of Staphylococcus aureus intramammary infection in dairy heifers. J Dairy Res. 73(1):10-19. E-Pub: 22 Sep 2005.

Chigerwe, Munashe, Tyler, J. Middleton, J. Tessman, R. Steevens, B. 2005. An Alternative method to assess efficiency of estrus detection in dairy herds. JAVMA, Vol.226,No 7.


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Other Professional Publications

Steevens, B.J., L.J. Bush, G.D. Adams and E.I. Williams. 1970. "Methods of processing grain for lactating dairy cows." Okla. Agric. Exp. Sta. Misc. Pub. 93:2.

Steevens, B.J. 1984. "Problem areas in the installation and operation of milking equipment."Dairy and Food Sanitation, 4; No.2 52.

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Chigerwe, M., J.W. Tyler, J.R. Middleton, R. Tessman, and B.J. Steevens 2005. An Alternative method to assess efficiency of estrus detection in dairy herds. JAVMA, Vol 226, No. 7, 1050.

Popular Press

National Publications

Steevens, B.J. 1979 "Do it yourself equipment check can spot mastitis causing problems." The Dairyman. p.41

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Extension Publications(MUGuideSheets)

Crawford, F.M., and B.J. Steevens. 1980 "Preventing shocks to cows in milking parlors." UMC Guide 1406

Meinershagen, F., R. Ricketts and B.J. Steevens. 1980 "Raising calves on stored colostrum." UMC Guide 3555

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Whittier, J., B.J. Steevens and A.D. Weaver. 1990 "Body condition scoring of beef and dairy animals." UMC Guide 2230

State Publications

Steevens, B.J. Missouri Dairy News. From 1985 to 1990 authored and published thirty-two articles on topics of dairy production and management. This publication was jointly sponsored by Missouri Dairy Herd Improvement Association and Missouri Dairy Association. Responsibilities also included editorial and publishing management for publication with statewide circulation to all Missouri producers.

Missouri Farm News Service

Steevens, B.J. 1979-1991. Eighteen production management articles.
Missouri DairyNewsletter (1978-1982) Author of one to three articles in each of 24 publications. Newsletter is mailed to all dairy producers in Missouri.

Steevens, B.J. 1981 "Effect of stimulation on milk flow rate of dairy cows." Presented at MO Southwest Field Day, Mt. Vernon, MO.

Steevens, B.J. 1981 "Adequate milking systems - the key to good udder health." UMC Dairy Science handout.

Steevens, B.J. 1981 "The milking system - basic to good udder health." UMC Dairy Science handout.

Steevens, B.J. 1982 "Good dairy production practices." Missouri Ag Lender Letter.

Igono, M.O., B.J. Steevens, and H.D. Johnson. 1984 "Improving cow comfort during temperate summer by spray cooling minimizes milk production decline." Research in Progress Report, Southwest MO Center, Mt. Vernon, MO.

Steevens, B.J. and R. Belyea. 1985 "Making hay whether the sun shines or not." Forage Day, Columbia, MO.

Raisbeck, M.F., B.J. Steevens, G.E. Rottinghaus, T.S. Satalowich and R. Ricketts. 1987 "Heptachlor contamination of dairy, beef and swine, the experience in Missouri." Missouri College of Vet Medicine Diagnostic Lab.

Raisbeck, M., B.J. Steevens, G. Rottinghaus, R. Ricketts. 1986 "Strategies for managing dairy animals contaminated with chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides." UMC Vet College Medical Diagnostic Laboratory handout.

Steevens, B.J. 1986 "Raising heifers from weaning to calving." UMC Dairy Science handout.

Steevens, B.J. and R. Belyea. 1986 "Formulating dairy rations with alternative feeds." UMC Dairy Science handout.

Steevens, B.J. 1987 By-product Bulletin Board. UMC Dairy Science and Ag economics Computerized Bulletin Board.

Steevens, B.J. 1988 By-product Bulletin Board. (Chapter 3) By-Product Feed Handbook. UMC Dairy Science Misc. Publication.

Steevens, B.J. 1988 "By-Product feedstuffs and their characteristics." (Chapter 4) By-Product Handbook. UMC Dairy Science Misc. Publication.

Steevens, B.J. and R.L. Belyea. 1988 "Commodity buildings and handling facilities (Chapter 12) By-Product Handbook. UMC Dairy Science Misc. Publication.
Bennett, M., D. Osburn, B. Steevens, R. Young. 1992. Milking Parlors; Design, size, efficiency and cost. M.P. 64.

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Steevens, B.J. 2002. Stray Voltage. Are your cows at risk? Missouri State Milk board misc. pub.

Invited Talks

Out-of- State Presentations:

Steevens, B.J. 1979. Modern dairy facilities. Dairy Day. Lincoln, Neb.
Steevens, B.J. 1982. Stray voltage in dairy facilities. Kansas Mastitis Council Meeting.
Manhattan, KS
Steevens, B.J. 1983. Machine milking. Land O'Lakes Incorporated, Minneapolis, Minn.
Steevens, B.J. 1985. Mastitis control and milking equipment. Ohio State Dairy Day, Columbus,
Steevens, B.J. 1990. Improving cow comfort, Kentucky Dairy Day, Louisville, Kentucky
Steevens, B.J. 1990. Coping with heat stress, Kentucky Dairy Day, Louisville, Kentucky
Steevens, B.J. 1992. Economics of Parlor Size Versus Cow Numbers, NRAES, Milking Center
Design, Harrisburg, PA.
Steevens, B.J. 1993. Wisconsin Milking Management Schools

In-State Presentations:

Steevens, B.J. 1982. Stray voltage in dairy facilities. 26th Annual Missouri Farm Electric Council. Columbia, MO
Steevens, B.J. 1983. Milking management. MFA Incorporated, Columbia, MO
Steevens, B.J. 1985. Missouri Electric Coop Line Superintendents, Engineers and Foreman's Conference. Marshfield, MO
Steevens, B.J. 1985. How stray voltage affects the dairy cow. Missouri Rural Electric Conference. Columbia, MO
Steevens, B.J. 1986. Stray voltage: situation assessment and preventive maintenance. 30th Annual Missouri Farm Electric Council. Columbia, MO
Steevens, B.J. 1986. Mastitis Control, National Regional DHI Conference, St. Louis, MO
Steevens, B.J. 1987. Milking Machine Seminar for Student Chapter of the American Assoc. of Bovine Practitioners. Columbia, MO
Steevens, B.J. 1990. Feeding For Milk Protein. Mid-Am Regional Fieldman’s Training Program. St. Joseph, MO.
Steevens, B.J. 1991. Controlling Mastitis and Teat Dips. American Breeders Service Field Person Training Session. St. Joseph, MO
Steevens, B.J. 1992. Parlor Size and Design Concepts. Universal Equipment Co., Kansas City,
Steevens, B.J. 1993. Parlor Size and Design Concepts. Universal Equipment Co., Kansas City,

Proffessional Associations

American Dairy Science Association
National Mastitis Council
Gamma Sigma Delta
Epsilon Sigma Phi
Dairy Shrine Club
UMC State Agricultural Extension Specialist Association
Missouri Fieldmen's and Sanitarians Association
Graduate Faculty, UMC
Missouri Agricultural Extension Professionals
American Society of Agricultural Engineers


1982 Faculty Improvement Award, UMC

1983 Dairy Science Club Award, Outstanding Faculty member, UMC

1985 Dairy Science Club Award, Outstanding Faculty member, UMC

1989 Vice-President's Award in Extension

1989 Distinguished Service Award in Extension, Gamma Sigma Delta

1990 Gamma Sigma Delta Mid-Career Award

1993 Vice Provost's Outstanding Extension Award

1997 Missouri 4-H State Specialist Honors Award

1998 Dairy Leadership Award, Missouri Dairy Hall of Honors

2000 National Association of County Agricultural Agents Distinguished Service Award

2006 Missouri State Fair, Long-standing service and dedication to the dairy industry

2006 Honorary State FFA Degree, Missouri FFA Association


National Committees

American Dairy Science Association (ADSA)
Member 1968-present
Animal Health Committee member 1984-86
Animal Health Committee – Co-Chair 1985
Animal Health Committee – Chairman 1986
Symposium Program Coordinator 1986
Student Affiliate Coordinator, ADSA Meetings, Columbia, MO 1987
Purina Mills, Inc. Teaching Awards Committee (Chair, 1992) 1990-92
Extension & Education Committee member 1991-93
Animal Behavior and Well-Being Committee (Chair 2005) 2002-05
DeLaval Awards Committee 2006
National Mastitis Council (NMC)
Member 1979-present
Milking Machine and Mastitis Committee 1981-94
Summer Program, St. Louis, MO – Program Moderator 1983
Vacuum Pump Sub-committee – Chair 1983-84
Program Planning Committee – Co-Chairman 1983 & 1993
Member Board of Directors 1987-92
Research Priorities Sub-committee – Chair 1988
Teat Dip Committee 1993-94
Education Committee 2002-06

State Committees

Missouri Fieldmen & Sanitarians Association Member 1986-present Program Committee 1986-1996 Audit Committee - Chair 1986
Missouri State Milk Board Advisory Committee 1979-present
Missouri Mastitis Council Advisory Member & Committee 1978-83
Association of Missouri Dairy Organizations
Milking Facility Committee 1986
Member Relations & Program Committee 1986-87
Associate Membership Committee 1986
State Fair Dairy Facility Committee 1988-present
Missouri Livestock & Poultry Health Council 1986-87
Missouri Bulk Milk Haulers Training Program 1987
Missouri Holstein Association, Ex-Officio Director 1992-present
Missouri Dairy Association, Ex-Officio Director 1990-present

Campus Committees

Family Farm Recognition Program; Chair - Sub-committee of Southern Region 1979

Search and Screening Committee for Associate Dean of Ext. 1980

State Ag Extension Specialist Appraisal Committee 1980

Family Farm Development Advisory Committee Member 1980-84

University of MO State Extension Specialists; Member Board of Directors 1981-83

Chairman Board of Directors 1983

Animal Science Teaching Committee 1984-87

Group Leader, Extension Strategic Planning Workshop 1985

Commercial Ag. Committee 1985-present

Dairy Products Processing Facilities 1986

Co-Chair Committee on Extension Innovative Fund Proposal 1986

Water Resource Task Force 1987

Rural Development Committee 1987

Animal Science CSRS Review Committee 1988

Commercial Ag Interdisciplinary Team Staffing Committee 1988

Extension Ag Subject Index Committee 1988

Economic Production Efficiency Seminar Team 1988

Selection of State Extension Dairy Specialist, Chair Search Committee 1989

Search Committee for Dairy Farm Manager 1989

1990 Farming Choices Conference Committee 1989-90

Chairman, Commercial Ag Seminar 1989-90

Member, Commercial Ag Search Committee for Structures 1990

Ad Hoc Personnel Recruitment and Selection Committee,
University Extension 1990

In-Service Education Steering Committee member 1990

Commercial Ag Dairy Task Force 1990-present

Member, Search Committee, Commercial Ag Ruminant Health Extension Specialist position 1991

Member, Search Committee, Commercial Ag Vet. Ruminant Health Extension Specialist 1991

Chair, Search Committee, Commercial Ag Dairy Cattle Extension Specialist 1991

Faculty Council Task Force on Tenure 1992-94

CAFNR Flood Response Committee 1993

State Extension Advancement Committee 1993-94

Faculty Advisor – Dairy Farm 1993-98

Dairy Farm Operations Committee 1993-present

Campus Faculty Committee on Tenure 2000

Feed Mill Committee 2001- present

Chair Advisory Committee 2001-2004

Conferences, Symposia & Seminars

Missouri Dairymen's Institute (annual event 1978 to 1985)

Assist with National Holstein Convention, St. Louis, MO. 1985

Assist with National DHI Regional Conference, St. Louis, MO. 1985

Assist with 41st Annual Mid-West Milk Marketing Conference, St. Louis, MO. 1986

Assist with Commercial Ag Seminars 1988-199 National Invitational Symposium: Alternative Feeds for Dairy and Beef Cattle.Co-chair. St. Louis, MO. 1991.



Dairy Management Animal Science 315 (4976) 1990- present.
Responsible for giving 12 to 15 lectures on mammary health and milk quality, milking management, milking equipment, housing and waste management systems, and farm personnel management
College of Veterinary Medicine:
Dairy Management section of Large Animal Block. Milking Equipment, stray voltage and facility management. 1 four-hour session per semester.
Global Animal Agriculture:
Guest lecture on Russian Agriculture and Dairy Industry.
Dairy Science Club, University of MO-Columbia, 1982-1988


National Invitational Symposium on Alternative Feeds for Dairy and Beef Cattle. Co- Chair. St. Louis, MO. 1991
This conference was the first event of this type and was attended by a national audience of university and industry scientists and nutritionists.
Commercial Agriculture Dairy Institute Seminars. Planning Committee 1988-1994.

Forty-first Annual Mid-West Milk Marketing Conference, St. Louis, MO. 1986.
Assisted in planning, organization and hosting regional milk marketing conference.
National Dairy Herd Improvement Association Regional Conference, St. Louis, MO. 1985.
National Holstein Convention, 1985.
Worked as advisor for Missouri Holstein Association in planning and hosting national meeting in St. Louis, MO. Served as liaison with breeder's organization and university extension.

Symposia,Field Days, etc.

Southwest Center Field Day - Field day is held annually and is attended by producers and
agribusiness employees from across Southwest/South Central Missouri.
Dairy Wives Program 1978-82
Callaway County Forage Day, June 22,1989, Kingdom City, MO
Heart of America Dairy Management Conference – Program planning. 2000
Missouri Dairy Grazing conference 2006

Program Development

Alternative Feeds for Dairy Cattle

Feed costs represent 50 percent of the cost of milk production on commercial dairy farms. Missouri dairy producers have a competitive advantage given the supply of alternative feeds available at economical prices relative to traditional grains. Two major program thrusts of the focus on alternative feeds include:

A. By-Product Feed Bulletin Board
Computerized listing of alternative feeds reported by supplier. Price quotes are up-dated weekly and posted on the Agriculture Electronic Bulletin board F.O.B. ( Nutritionists, feed company personnel and private dairy farmers access list via modem to track and acquire economically feasible feedstuffs. The bulletin board is accessed by industry professionals throughout Missouri, United States of America and Canada and Mexico. The BP- bulletin board is picked up and incorporated into DTN listing, of Omaha ,Nebraska.

B. By-Product Feed Handbook
Editor and contributing author for a comprehensive handbook on the characterization and utilization of by-product feeds. Handbook includes discussion on by-product feed utilization for all livestock species. Chapters on handling and characterization of alternative feeds are included. This handbook has been utilized nationally and inter-nationally by animal nutritionists.

Computerized Ration Formulation

Complexity of animal nutrition has required the application of computerized formulation of animal diets. Regional dairy specialists and dairy producers were trained to use and interpret computer software designed to balance diets for dairy cattle.

Stray Voltage

Mastitis is the most costly animal health problem facing dairy producers. Stray voltage problems can lead to increased incidence of mastitis with severe economic consequences on commercial dairy farms.

Educational programs were developed and delivered to producer groups as well as allied industry personnel including fieldmen, sanitarians, and rural electric cooperatives regarding the importance of avoiding stray voltage in the parlor and methods of mitigation. Individual farm consultation is conducted as requested.

Milking Parlor: Design, Size, Efficiency, and Cost

A study was conducted by a multi-discipline team to evaluate the design, operation, and cost efficiency of milking parlors in Missouri. Comparisons were made across herd size and by parlor size. Published materials have been requested by producers, industry and extension specialists.

Design of “New Zealand” style parlors used by grass-based dairies is published in the Dairy Grazing Manual M168. Distribution is multi-state.

Milker's School

Extension Education program was developed for farm owners and employees responsible for milking. Concepts of mammary physiology, milk secretion and harvest, mammary gland health, mastitis treatment, milking equipment function and evaluation is discussed in the short courses. Conferences include on-farm lab practicum to allow participants to actively apply lecture concepts.

Self-Improvement Activities

American Dairy Science Association meetings.
Midwest regional ADSA and ASAS conferences. National Mastitis Council meetings.
Study leave to Arizona working with Dennis Armstrong, nationally recognized expert
in milking equipment. 1978
Training programs offered by national milking machine companies as listed below: Dairy Equipment Company, Madison, WI. 1978
Babson Bros., Chicago, IL. 1979
Alfa-Laval DeLaval Division, Kansas City, MO. 1979
North Central Regional Extension Workshop: Stray voltage on dairy farms. 1981
Northeast Regional National Conference: Freestall Dairy Cattle Housing Symposium. Harrisburg, PA. 1986.
National Computer Workshop: Microcomputer Usage in Dairy Herd Management. Dallas, TX. 1987.
National Invitational Workshop: Bovine Somatotropin. St. Louis, MO. 1987
Northeast Regional National Conference: Milking Systems and Milking Management Symposium Harrisburg, PA. 1988.
Northeast Regional National Conference: Dairy Feeding Systems. Harrisburg, PA. 1990.
National Invitational Symposium: Alternative Feeds for Dairy and Beef Cattle. St. Louis, MO. 1991.
Large Herd Management Seminar. Gainesville, FL. 1992.
Dairy Parlor Tour. Visalia, CA.
Dairy Facility Tour, Roswell, NM. 1992.
Dairy Tour, Tulare, CA. 2000.
Stresa, Italy Symposium on Immunology of Ruminant Mammary Gland. 2000.
Dairy Economic Development Tour. Sioux Center, IA. 2002.
Westfalia/Surge Dealer Training Conference. Kansas City MO. August 2003.


National Work

1982 Alfa-Laval, Inc. Kansas City, MO. Help design new research farm.
1983 Monsanto, St. Louis, MO. Assist in planning Darden Research Center used for bovine somatotropin studies.
1984-88 Monsanto, St. Louis, MO. Consult on milking system and milking management.
2003 Land-O-Lakes/Purina Mills. Planning new dairy research center.
2006 Mississippi State University; Review of dairy research center.

International Experiences

1993 Russia, VOCA Volunteer. Dairy Technical Assistance.
1994 Ukraine VOCA Volunteer. Dairy Technical Assistance.
1995 Kazakhstan, Dairy Modernization Project. Koch Inc.
2000 Italy, Attend symposia on the Immunology of Ruminant Mammary Gland
2001 Costa Rica EGRIT, Study global marketing.
2005 New Zealand Study leave. Transfer of information technology to Missouri dairy producers.
2005 Australia Study leave. Transfer of information technology to Missouri dairy producers.

Expert Witness in Lawsuit Cases

Hoover vs. Dairy Equipment Co. and Mid-America Dairymen, Inc. Missouri. 1979.
Babson Bros vs. Weber and Davis, Kansas. 1982.
Rausch vs. Kroeck Equipment, Wisconsin. 1983.
Bel Cheese vs. Rocky Cattle Co., Kentucky. 1984.
Richardson vs. Hartford Ins. Co., Kansas. 1984.
Gerrits vs. Wisconsin Public Service, Wisconsin. 1985.
Kubot vs. Alfa-Laval and Morris, Minnesota. 1986.
Zarecki vs. Wisconsin Public Service, Wisconsin. 1986.
Bearson vs. Union Rural Electric, Colorado. 1988.
Yarberry vs. Taylor County REC, Kentucky. 1988.
Edwards vs. Dairy Equipment Co., Hobbs, New Mexico. 1989.
Surfine Dairy vs. Poudre Valley Electric & Union REA, Colorado. 1989.
Beetstra Family Dairy vs. Southwestern Public Service, Roswell, New Mexico. 1995.
Simmons Dairy vs. Duck River Electric Membership Corp. Murfreesboro, Tennessee. 2001.
Kooiman vs. Anita Dairy, Anita, Iowa. 2000
Downen v Stonehurst Farm Dairy Sales, Inc. 2005
American Dairy Services,LLC v Jimmy Woodall d/b/a Woodall Farms 2005

Grants and Gifts

Air Flow Meter. 1978. Babson Bros. Chicago, IL. $350.
Vacu-guard instrument. 1982. Maddalena's Inc. CA. $650.
Silage fermentation product. 1984. Creative Research Labs, St. Joseph, MO. $200.
Delvo-P test kit. 1985. G.B. Fermentation Industries, Inc. Charlotte, NC. $100.
Stray voltage research gift. 1985. ITT Blackburn. P.I. $2,000.
Monsanto Consulting. 1985. Monsanto, St. Louis, MO. $2,000.
Teat dip gift. 1986. Diversey Wyandotte. P.I. $5,000+.
Innovative grants through University Extension. Steevens, Thorne, Massey, Miller. 1986. Video-Audio tapes on current subject matter technology for individuals and group meetings. $5,000.
Innovative Extension Program Feed By-Product gift. Steevens, Belyea, Ricketts. 1986. $10,000.
Rice hulls bedding study. 1987. Riceland Co. AR. P.I. $2,500.
Funds for feed by-product bulletin board. 1987. Missouri Dairy Association. P.I. $1,000.
Rice hulls-pine shavings bedding study. 1987. Anhueser Busch. P.I. $2,200.
Cow pillows (Bags). 1988. Miller Bag Co. MN. $135.
Ten Poly-Dome Calf Hutches. 1988. PolyTank, Inc. MN. $2,500.
Shredded newspaper as a bedding material in freestalls. 1989. P.I. $2,000 P.I.
Economic value of forages - Milk production. 1988-89. P.I. $3,000.
Animal waste management. Carpenter, Fulhage, Steevens, Heisler. 1990. $278,000.
Evaluation of nutritional management programs in Missouri commercial livestock operations. Steevens, Spain, Bates, Rea, Paterson, Whittier. 1991-92. $28,320.
A National Project to Apply Total Quality Management Practices to dairy farms in Missouri. 1996. CO-PI. $3,500.
Upjohn. 1997. $500.
Missouri Dairy Association. 1997. $2,000.
Select Sires. 1997-98. $2,000.
West Agro. 1997-98. $4,500.
University Outreach & Development Fund. 1999. Enhancing Profitability and Viability of Southwest Missouri Family Dairy Farms. CO-PI. $247,000.
Dairy Heifer Development. 2000. Missouri Dairy Association. $5,000.
SARE Grant. 2001. Developing Pasture- Based Dairy Systems for Family Farms. CO-P.I. $81,463.
Monsanto Cow College. 2001. $2,000.
Monsanto Cow College. 2002. $2,500.
Heartland Dairy (manure solids separators) gift to Foremost Dairy. 2002. $20,000.
SV- 10 instrument. 2002. Missouri State Milk Board. $2700.
Monsanto Cow College. 2003. $2,500.
Monsanto Cow College. 2004. $5,000.
Monsanto Cow College 2006 $5,000


Graduate Student Involvement

Hussein Hamid MS 1981 Advisor

Abdulmnem Elamir PhD 1985 Co-advisor

Martin Adams PhD 1985 Committee Member

Luis Isaza MS 1985 Committee Member

Moses Igono PhD 1985 Committee Member

Marion Weiss PhD 1985 Committee Member

Barbara Bell Goebel MS 1986 Committee Member

Kevin Dill MS 1986 Co-advisor

Joe Kendall 1987 Committee Member

Robert Ruehlow PhD 1987 Committee Member

Bashir Rahamtall PhD 1987 Committee Member

Hussein Hamid PhD 1988 Co-advisor

Mike Brouk MS 1988 Committee Member

Zengikui Guo MS 1989 Committee Member

Mike Brouk MS 1989 Committee Member

Mondher Lahmar MS 1989 Committee Member

Irene Brown PhD 1991 Committee Member

Ahemed Alhaidary PhD 1993 Committee Member

Wipakorn Chalapvawat PhD 1993 Committee Member

Craig Jones MS 1993 Committee Member

Nicole Holloway PhD 2001 Committee Member

Maisie Dawes MS 2001 Committee Member

Masie Dawes PhD 2003 Committee Member

Christopher Luby MS 2003 Committee Member

Dusty Nagy PhD 2003 Committee Member

Munashe Chigerwe MS 2004 Committee Member

Regan Vogel MS 2005 Committee Member

Christopher Calloway MS 2005 Committee Member

Laura Valverde MS 2006 Committee Member

Munashe Chigerwe PhD 2007 Committee Member


Assist organizations and industries associated with the Dairy Extension program. These include:
4-H and FFA youth activities; regional and state dairy judging contest; reviewing 4-H record books for National competition.

Advisor to the Missouri Junior Holstein Association with the Dairy Quiz Bowl.

Organized first Cow College for Southern National Holstein Breeders.

Served as advisor for Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity in 1980.

Assist with overseeing management of and construction of facilities at Foremost dairy. 1990.

Assist with National FFA Convention.

Serve as judge or Mid Am Young Cooperator Award Program.

Missouri State Fair Milking Center Coordinator.

Assist with acquisition and installation of automated milking system at Foremost Dairy. 1994-95.

Assist with coordination of construction of Gerken Dairy Milking Center at Missouri State Fair. 1999.

Assist Missouri Holstein Breeders with state Spring Show.