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Animal Science Faculty

Bill Lamberson

William R. Lamberson


Associate Director of Animal Sciences
Physiological Genetics

159B Animal Science Research Center
Division Of Animal Sciences
Columbia, MO 65211


  • University of Nebraska

    B.S. 1979
  • Oregon State University

    M.S. 1981
  • University of Nebraska

    Ph.D. 1984


1998-Present Professor of Animal Sciences, University of Missouri, Columbia
1990-1998: Associate Professor of Animal Sciences, University of Missouri, Columbia
1984-1990: Assistant Professor of Animal Sciences, University of Missouri, Columbia

Honors and Awards

Gamma Sigma Delta, 1983
National Pork Producers Council Award for Basic Research, 1995
MU Graduate Professional Council Gold Chalk Award, Biological Sciences, 1996
CAFNR Teaching Scholar, 1997
CAFNR Outstanding Teacher Award, 1997
National Pork Producers Council Award for Producer Education, 2001
Newsham Lecture in Quantitative Genetics, University of Nebraska, 2005
Director of Graduate Studies, Inaugural Outstanding Contributions Award, 2006
American Society of Animal Science National Distinguished Teacher Award, 2011
CAFNR Graduate Mentor Award, 2012

Professional Experience

Member of American Society of Animal Science, 1978 - present
Animal Breeding and Genetics Committee, 1995 - 1997,
Chairman 1996-1997
Associate Editor for Journal of Animal Science, 2003 - present
Member of the editorial boards of Journal of Animal Science and Tropical Agriculture
Reviewer of grants for USDA SBIR (panel member)
NSF, USDA CRI, NRC AID and Wellcome Trust (ad hoc reviewer)
Director of Graduate Studies in the Division of Animal Sciences, 1993 - 2013
Coordinator of the Miller Summer Research Internship Program, since 1995
Coordinator of the Animal Sciences Research Center, including animal and laboratory facilities housing more than 200 scientists and staff, and with an annual budget of ~ $400,000, since 2002

Graduate Student Advisement

Robert Blair, MS 1987 Kyle Kramer, MS 1988
Judith Davis, MS 1988 Charles Long, MS 1989
Timothy Safranski, MS 1990 Gregg Eckardt, PhD 1992
Ridley Holder, PhD 1993 Timothy Safranski, PhD 1994
Jodi Sterle, MS 1996 Ana Moura, PhD 1996
Miroslav Kaps, PhD 1997 Jodi Sterle, PhD 1998
Cynthia Bracken, MS 2000 Henry Mesa, MS 2002
Laura Melton, MS 2002 Sachin Bhusari, MS 2003
Henry Mesa, PhD 2004 Kristi Cammack, PhD 2005
Elizabeth Maricle, MS 2008 Catherine Selby, MS 2012
Dennis Fennewald, PhD 2012 Kizzi Roberts, MS (in progress)
Tasia Taxis, PhD (in progress) Samaneh Azarpajouh, PhD (in progress)

Refereed Publications (*indicates a graduate advisee):

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Ongoing Support

  • USDA NIFA (Cammack PI) 01/01/2013 – 12/31/2015 Improving Profitability and Sustainability of Sheep Production $159,697 (to Missouri) The goal of this project is to identify genetic mechanisms causing differences in feed efficiency in sheep through rumen metagenomics Role (Co-PI)

  • NIH National Center for Alternative and Complementary Medicine (Lubahn PI) 07/01/2010 – 06/30/2015.

  • MU Center for Botanical Interaction Studies $7,567,252 (funded) The goal of this project is to test the role of botanicals in preventing prostate cancer, preventing age-related neurodegeneration, and modulate antimicrobial defense response.. Role (Co-investigator)

Teaching Responsibilities:

Course Topic Responsibility Enrollment Taught
Animal Science 1011 Introductory Animal Science 30 lectures/coordinator 250 annually
Animal Science 3213 General Genetics 20 lectures/coordinator 130 annually
Animal Science 4323 Applied Livestock Genetics entire course 100 annually
Animal Science 8441 Applied Statistics
entire course 25 alt. years

Administrative Service:

  • Director of Graduate Studies for Animal Sciences, 1993 - present

  • Coordinator of the Animal Science Research Center, 2002 –present

  • Campus Advisory Committee on Space, 2007-present

  • Honorary Degrees Committee, 2008-present (Chair, 2009 – present)

  • Faculty Council, 2001 - 2007; Academic Affairs Chair, 2002-2005, 2006-2007; Council Chair, 2005 – 2006

  • Academic Resource Reallocation and Generation Committee (Chair), 2008-2009

  • Graduate School Fee Waiver Task Force, 2007-present (Chair, 2009 – present)

  • CAFNR Promotion and Tenure Committee (Chair), 2005-2007

Community Service

  • Columbia Public Schools High School Enrollment Planning Committee

  • Ozark Council of Trout Unlimited Board of Directors

  • Southern Bamboo Rodbuilders Board of Directors

  • Trout Unlimited Embrace-a-Stream National Grant Panel Member