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Rod Geisert

Rodney Geisert


Division of Animal Sciences
S163 Animal Science Research Center
Division Of Animal Sciences
Columbia, MO 65211
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University of Florida, Gainesville

Doctor of Philosophy - Reproductive Physiology, 1982

University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Master of Science - Reproductive Physiology, 1978
Bachelor of Science - Animal Science, 1976

Kearney State College, Kearney, Nebraska


Professional Experience

Professor, 2011-Present, University of Missouri, Columbia

Director Division of Animal Sciences, 2006-2011, University of Missouri, Columbia

Professor, 1992-2006, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater

Visiting Associate Professor, 1990-1991, University of Florida, Gainesville

Associate Professor, 1986-1992, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater

Assistant Professor, 1982-1986, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater

Graduate Assistant, 1978-1982, University of Florida, Gainesville

Graduate Assistant, 1976-1978, University of Nebraska, Lincoln


Who’s Who in Agriculture

Biotech Adventure website approved as recommended resource on Science Netlinks.

Biotech Adventure selected as a winner of the 2004 Top 50 Sci/Tech Web Awards by “Scientific American

Biotech Adventure website selected as a Finalist for the International 2004 Pirelli INTERNETional Award

Finalist for the Phoenix Graduate Teaching Award 2000 Oklahoma State University

Alpha Zeta Outstanding Teacher 1993, 2000 and 2006 College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Oklahoma State University.

Instructional Technology Excellence Award 1999 Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

Regents Distinguished Teaching Award 1998 Oklahoma State University

Finalist for the 1992 Burlington Northern Faculty Achievement Award


Sarkey Foundation Elmo Baumann Award 2005 Division of Agriculture Sciences and Natural Resources, Oklahoma State University

Big XII Fellowship 2002

Honorary Member Phi Zeta 2002 Oklahoma State University

Sigma Xi Lecturer 1997 Oklahoma State University

Outstanding Young Scientist-Research 1993 Southern Section American Society of Animal Science

James Whatley Award for Meritorious Research 1992 College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater

Tyler Award for Mertorious Teaching, Extension and Research 1992 Department of Animal Science, Oklahoma State University

Research Publications

Books Edited

Control of Pig Reproduction VI. 2001. Eds. R.D. Geisert, H. Niemann and C. Doberska. Journals of Reproduction and Fertility Ltd.

Control of Pig Reproduction V. 1997. Eds. G.R. Foxcroft, R.D. Geisert and C. Doberska. Journals of Reproduction and Fertility Ltd.

Embryonic Mortality in Domestic Species. 1994 Eds. M.T. Zavy and R.D. Geisert. CRC Press, Inc.

Book Chapters

Geisert R.D., J.W. Ross, M.D. Ashworth, F.J. White, G.A. Johnson and U. DeSilva. 2006. Maternal recognition of pregnancy signal or endocrine disruptor: The two faces of oestrogen during establishment of pregnancy in the pig. In: Control of Pig Reproduction VII. R. Kraeling and C. Ashworth, Eds, Nottingham University Press, pp 131-145.

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Journal Articles

Fernando S.C., F.Z. Najar, X. Guo, L. Zhou, Y. Fu, R.D. Geisert, B.A. Roe and U. DeSilva. 2007. Porcine kallikrein family: Genomic structure, mapping and differential expression analysis. Genomics 89:429-438.

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