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Animal Science 4977

Horse Production

General Course Information

  • AS 4977 (Fall Semester)
  • Instructor: Marci Crosby
  • 3 Units
    • Lecture: Tuesday and Thursday 11:00-11:50am
    • Lab: Wednesday 2:00-3:50pm

This course covers systems of horse production: breeding, feeding and management of horses. Topics covered include anatomy, soundness, genetics, reproduction, nutrition, diseases, and housing. In this class, you will handle broodmares as well as other horses, and gain experience with management and ground handling of horses.

Prerequisites: AS 1065, AS 2175 and AS 3212

Learning Objectives and Student Goals

  • To evaluate and critique selection criteria for breeding horses.
  • To describe and evaluate common domestic equine reproductive methods.
  • To develop effective feeding and health programs for various classes of horses.
  • To demonstrate an understanding of the importance of record keeping .
  • To describe the anatomy of the equine hooves and legs as they relate to locomotion, soundness, and unsoundness.