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An Sci 4384, Reproductive Management

Animal Science 4384

Reproductive Management

Fall 2019

Instructor Dr. Michael F. Smith


Welcome to Reproductive Management!  This course is designed for seniors with a strong interest in learning how to manage a beef herd to maximize reproductive efficiency.  Emphasis will also be given to learning how to artificially inseminate cattle and pigs and to diagnose pregnancy in cattle. 

There is a profound difference between being an animal scientist verses a student enrolled in an animal science course!  It is one thing to memorize information but another thing to utilize information to gain insight into a problem or make an intelligent decision.  Students commonly compartmentalize information from individual courses and don’t learn to integrate their knowledge. 

Becoming an animal scientist involves assimilating and integrating information to make a decision or draw a conclusion. To be an animal scientist you need to think like an animal scientist and do the things that animal scientists do such as: 1) Integrate information from various disciplines (physiology, nutrition, forage management, genetics, growth biology, meat science & muscle biology, fisheries and wildlife biology, and economics) to make sound animal management decisions, 2) Apply biological concepts to the management and genetic improvement of  livestock and companion animal species, 3)  Consider the impact of management decisions on animal welfare and the environment, 4) Calculate the economic impact of management decisions on a livestock or poultry operation,  5) Realize that animal scientists produce food instead of a commodity (e.g. produce beef vs. raising calves), 6) Become competent in a variety of animal husbandry skills, 7) Teach others about animal science, 8) Discuss animal science concepts with other animal scientists and with the public, and 9) Read, write, and think about animal science.  My approach to teaching is to help you become an animal scientist and I have designed this course to help accomplish this goal!