Animal Science 2165

Fall 2000 Class Schedule

AUG 21 Introduction  
  23 Beef Introduction and history of beef industry
  25 Beef Segments of beef cattle enterprises
  28 Beef Review of Breeds of cattle
  30 Beef Genetic selection for cow-calf operation
SEP 1 Beef Nutritional management of a cowherd
  4 Labor Day No Classes
  6 Beef Nutritional management of a cowherd (continued)
  8 Beef Maintaining cows in proper body condition
  11 Beef Managing pastures for optimal production
  13 Beef Weaning management for cow-calf operation
  15 Beef Reproductive Management
  18 Beef Herd health program for disease resistance
  20 Beef Marketing strategies for improved returns on investment
  22 Beef Value-added products from beef cattle
  25 Beef Open Session
  27 Beef Exam
  29 Dairy History of the Dairy Industry
OCT 2 Dairy Current Status and Future Trends: Marketing Dairy Products
  4 Dairy Calving Management - Baby Calf Care
  6 Dairy Heifer Management - Growth and Health
  9 Dairy Production Cycle of the Adult Cow
  11 Dairy Managing the Mammary Gland: Milking Systems and Procedures
  13 Dairy Mammary Gland Health
  16 Dairy Reproduction Management
  18 Dairy Reproduction Management
  20 Dairy Genetic Progress
  23 Dairy Dairy Feeds and Feeding Systems
  25 Dairy Dairy Metabolic Diseases
  27 Dairy Using DHIA Records
  30 Dairy Using DHIA Records
NOV 1 Dairy Exam  
  3 Sheep Introduction and sheep history
  6 Sheep Sheep history and breeds of sheep
  8 Sheep Breeds of sheep
  10 Sheep Genetic improvement of the flock
  13 Sheep Feeding the flock
  15 Sheep Reproductive management
  17 Sheep Systems of sheep production
  18 - 26 Thanksgiving NO CLASSES
  27 Sheep Co-species systems of production (cattle and sheep)
  29 Sheep Flock health
DEC 1 Sheep Marketing sheep products
  4 Sheep Processing and products from Sheep carcasses
  6 Sheep Wool processing and products
  8 Sheep Camelids and other small ruminant species
  11 Sheep Exam