Poultry Semen Collection


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Semen Collection of Male

The hands are placed around the cloaca and the thumb and forefinger squeeze and push down on the cloaca

Inversion of Cloaca

Semen pools on the phallus following each squeeze of cloaca

Semen is collected in test tube being careful not to contaminate with cloacal material

Semen is placed in a narrow insemination straw with a bulb mounted to inject semen into cloaca of female. Hole in bulb permits loading semen and not ejecting until finger is placed over opening 

Insemination of female involves opening the cloaca, called "Venting" or "Breaking". When vagina is exposed the insemination straw is inserted into cloaca until resistance is meet. The inseminator releases the cloaca and ejects the semen into vagina

Author: Animal Science 

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