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Equestrian Science

Swine Production

Career Opportunities

Missouri ranks seventh in the nation in inventory of hogs and pigs, with over six million pigs born in the state each year.  The Division of Animal Sciences is the only comprehensive swine  program within the state providing relevant research, teaching, and outreach programs with emphasis on reproductive management, nutrition and feeding, meat science, genetics/animal breeding and production management.  Graduates are in high demand by the swine industry which hires an increasing number of college graduates who can use their training and experience to make science-based decisions at all levels of production.

Opportunities at the University of Missouri

The University of Missouri Swine Program provides unique learning opportunities for undergraduate students.  These include classroom instruction from leading international research scientists, hands-on learning experience with swine, and extracurricular activities in swine production and research.  There are opportunities for hands-on learning in the barn, in the meat lab and in the laboratory. 
You can earn an Animal Science degree at MU while learning the biology and business underlying swine production, as well as gain valuable hands-on training in all segments of the swine industry.  Commercial pork producers seek MU students for paid internships each summer, which results in great summer job opportunities where students can be paid to learn!

MU undergraduate Swine Courses include:

  • Monogastric Livestock Production
  • Live Animal and Meat Evaluation
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Physiology of Domestic Animals
  • Applied Livestock Genetics
  • Principles of Meat Science
  • Monogastric Nutrition
  • Swine Production & Management
  • Internship in Animal Science